Thursday, 7 September 2017

September already! We're on day 3 of another smoke-in from the wildfires in BC & Washington.

There really are mountains back there!
Interesting sky this morning with the sun trying hard to peep
through all of that smoke. It went incognito
again soon after.
The sun made a brief appearance yesterday morning
before disappearing behind the smoke again.
A very rare appearance of the sun early evening about
a  month ago during the 11 day smoke choke.

Kenji, my BFF came for a one night sleepover during the
Labour Day weekend. That made it not so lonely after my
favourite 2 legged cousin went home.
Just hangin'!

See Mum....I'm not the only one who sleeps like that!

That's about all we did....sleep sleep sleep. So Mum
didn't have to worry about any hanky panky. ;-)
I didn't get out much in August cuz of the smoke
from the wildfires. Then I had to take a break
cuz of a tweaked leg. And my fave 2 legged
cousin came for a visit. Yay!

Hanging out at Bark Park.

Gracie liked the chase.
Nice teeth, Buttercup! ;-)
Rare sighting of a Briard.

Another rare sighting.....a white pomeranian!
Max, the tank accidently ran into me & I had to
rest my sore leg for a while. All is good now!

Waiting to dig into the yummy berries from the garden.

Got my own bowl! I did share with Mum.
Thanks to Lady Bug for helping with the pollination!

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