Monday, 31 July 2017

I've been having so much fun, I haven't had time to share my adventures. Catch up time again!

Hanging out at Garry Point Park on a hot and
thankfully breezy day.

Yayyy! We were back at Mac Beach after a two
week hiatus cuz of a tweaked leg.

The water felt great!!

I prefer my ball & I don't mind the waves at all.
Good thing the humans reined in this 5 month old pup who
doesn't know yet that it's not nice to pounce on a dog in or
out of the water and chomp on an ear.
This gal just liked to hang out.
Coming through! I got out of the way in the nick of time.


Mum said I had to slow down so that I didn't
spark a fire in the tinder dry park.

 A whole bunch of catchup stuff:
Hangin' in the 'hood.
This heron came swooping by during our stroll.
Nice cool rocks on a hot day at Garry Point Park.

Mac Beach

My first visit to London Heritage Farm.
It was a hot day so we didn't stay long.

The original London Farmhouse built in 1898.

Canada Day - The day after to avoid the hordes of humans.

These are pretty laid back pirates!

A quick romp at Mac Beach

Chickadee chicklets hatched
in our garden around June 10.
The proud parents.
I'm hungry!!


At the end of May, Mum said we're going for a car
ride & a walk at Bunzten Lake. I didn't know we'd
be trudging through 8.8 km of bush!
The starting point of the trail.
Taking a water break.
Enjoying the beautiful view!

Another break.

The coolness of the rock felt sooo good!

A humongous and very old tree trunk!

More trail & bush........
And the occasional little waterfall.
Another break before the push to the finish.
GPS track of our trek 
around the whole lake.

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