Saturday, 23 September 2017

Hanging out in the hood to catch the last few rays of summer before autumn officially rolled in. Gotta get the summer pix catch up done!

This critter hung out for a bit too.
This was a week ago after the smoke cleared again.
I told ya there were mountains back there!

One of the dwindling number of bees we've seen of late.

Another rare sighting, although this beauty is
probably around the hood somewhere.

This might've been the last swim at Mac Beach for
the year. Come on, Mum!

The water temp was perfect!

But I think I'll wait for the rolling waves to settle a bit.

Another stroll around Garry Point & Steveston.

I found a rainbow!

It's actually a ginormous kite!
I slayed this beastie terrorizing the village! 

Lotsa pretty flowers around River Rock Casino!

Not quite the yellow brick road!

This was as close as I got to the casino main entrance.
Now I'm old enough, but not tall enough & have too
many legs. I say they have too many rules!

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