Thursday, 23 June 2016

Summer's here! Time for a major catch up. I've been very busy supervising while Mum did the gardening.

Yoga frog's looking very peaceful!
This Hungarian Iris was a very pleasant surprise. It finally
revealed its beauty after many years of shyness.

Another beauty! 

A different type of rose that seems to be much happier this
year. This one's been gracing the garden for 20 years.

The St. John's Wort flower is very pretty, but a friend
calls it a "devil in disguise" cuz it's very invasive if it's
not potted. It's one of several plants recently rescued
from a property that is rebuilding.
We have a Reka blueberry bush! Yummm! Since this pic was
taken, most of this batch of berries has been gobbled up
along with a bunch of juicy strawberries. My two
favourite fruits!

Chickadees nested in our garden this Spring and the eggs
hatched during the Victoria Day weekend. The little
chicklets sure were noisy & hungry! The parents were
working overtime to keep the babies happy.
The humongous Hydrangea is at a friend's place. 

Her hens & chicks are also supersized.

In April, we went to the grand opening of the newly renovated
Richmond Animal Hospital. It was very interesting to see what
else there was behind closed doors. And there were goodies for all!
Sock monkey did a great job acting as a surgical patient.

Would you believe Mum won this
by guessing the exact number of

treats in the jar!? As you can see,
I've enjoyed a few.  =)  I did
share some with friends. 
Ps. Answer was 268

Hangin' around town....
My new ball. And teeth! =)

Taking a break near the Olympic Oval.

Practicing patience. =)

I passed with flying colours!
Mini boat race.....have no idea who/how they're piloted. =O

Fun at Mac Beach
Sumthin' interesting......

Pint sized ref keeping a close eye on the battling titans.

He sure moved fast for a basset!

Wow....that's a big one!

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