Sunday, 25 October 2015

Howlloween Saturday! I had so many treats, I didn't even need dinner after!

The fun started out in the morning with a
photo shoot at PetSmart and treats.

Kenji and me doing synchronized bum bum. =)

Party time at Bark Park!

Ready for fun & some good eats!
The group photo shoot was a bit of a challenge for Mum.

A little better......
Ok girls....let's show them how the pros do it.
Petey wasn't sure if he wanted to hang with a bunch of girls.

Come on....we've been good models. Stop teasing &
give us the treats already!

Pug tug!

And the winner is.....the ferocious lion!
Abby & Bentley

My BFF, Molly.


Another pumpkin.....I don't feel so dorky now!


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