Monday, 12 October 2015

Fun Filled Sunday!

We had a very long walk around Steveston so it was nice to
find these neat chairs to relax on.

There weren't many Halloween 
ghoulies & critters around. I guess
they're hiding from the rain & wind.
Buncha wimps!

There were lots of two & four legged critters at Bark Park though. 
Tons of fun for sure!
He looks like cousin Buddy!

This puppy was fun to play with!
Hey no tackling! This isn't football!

Wisdom from an elder.
Another puppy! Kobie's an interesting hybrid - 3/4
Boston Terrier & 1/4 Bichon.  She has the tenacity
of a Boston Terrier! =) 

At least I'm faster than her!

Not sure what to do with the young whippersnapper.

Did you say you have treats?!
This Aussie's a fast one!

Ok...on the count of three....1, 2, 3..... what.....

Big stick!

There were lots of Goldies out & about.


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