Friday, 6 October 2017

We joined a huge meetup group at Trout Lake Beach on Sunday. Loads of fun!

This pic was taken by Ran, the host at the start of the meetup.
He was hoping to get the biggest dog meetup ever & it was a
huge success. It was estimated that at the height of the
gathering, there were about 600 dogs and between
800-1100 in total had joined in the fun.

Ran also took this pic. Unfortunately, Mum & I were too busy
having fun and didn't realize he was taking another group
pic until everyone was dispersing.

I finally convinced Mum that the water wasn't too cold.

Gotta watch out for this ball thief!

Just about the only time this Westie wasn't barking was when
he got too water logged & had to have a good shake.
Snarf, the little guy kept wanting to take on the goldie.
Friendly tussle or whispering tales..... =)
A round of fetch to dry off after a swim!

Trout Lake Beach from the other side.

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