Wednesday, 8 February 2017

This is a winter that the humans will yak about for a long time!

A quick romp in the snow.

So much snow & there's supposed to be one more blast
before the rain comes tonight. Mum might need a canoe
to go to work tomorrow!

We couldn't get out much, but we got a lot of visitors.

This pretty boy Finch brings his whole clan for lunch!

We discovered this little chubster resting in the shrub.
The hummers sure are fast!
And hungry! This one fed for a long time!

Another very hungry hummer.
The cute little Junco is so round, I thought it was a ball!

Junco duet!

This critter behaves like so many of
the 2 legged critters who ignore the
clearly marked signs.

Not only does it ignore the 🚫 Squirrel sign, it hangs around
like it's mocking us! But it is kinda cute.

I did get to go for a walk in the hood before
snowmaggedon made us house bound.
Sampling some vegetation.
I was so happy to run into my friend, Bo! 
He's such a happy go lucky cutie!

Snow geese huddle! They had the right idea cuz the wind was  
nasty at Garry Point the day before the snow came so we didn't
stay long. It was much more fun to snuggle & get treats at home!

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