Sunday, 2 October 2016

The much delayed "What I did this summer" catchup is finally here!

That tail made me think there was a giant
raccoon at Bark Park!

Having fun as usual.

Mum, are you sure you didn't hide my ball up there!???

Taking a break.

Chewie's actually the one getting chewed on by Rosie!

All in good fun though. Both youngsters had a good romp.
Enjoying the late summer sun in the hood.

Checking out the birds.....
And the bees.....
Go down the slide?!?
Nah.....I don't think so!

Wandering around outside of the River Rock Casino.
I was feeling lucky, but they wouldn't let me in. =P

Another romp at the beach.

Pretty rough water that day!

Don't usually see canoes here.

Kenji hung out with me for the day while his humans
went to a wedding.

Enjoying yummy beef bones.
Kenji....what a cutie!

Good thing Kenji doesn't mind that I look like a
ragamuffin compared to him.
All tuckered out! It was a longer day of fun than
Kenji's used to.
Strolling around McArthur Glen Mall & I
even got to go into some of the stores!
And none were pet stores! Huh!
I get tired from too much fun too!
Moka lives in my complex a few doors away. She stops by
often to say hi & to check out my yard. =)

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