Monday, 28 March 2016

Good fun on Good Friday!

My friends and I know what this park is all about. The signage
is for the humans.
At least the ground was dry this time, Mum!
Playing ball with my friend, Buttercup.

Shhh! I wasn't supposed to go down there, but Buttercup
swiped my ball & I had to get it back. 

Whatcha doing, Oliver?
My friends - Aurora, Copper, Abby & Bentley.

Copper's pretty quiet for a beagle.
He's just 3 months old so he hasn't
figured out the baying thing yet.

Copper tucks his head against anything warm & soft
when he's tired.

Falstaff really didn't want to
go home!
Tough guy decided to take us on. Actually, it was a
friendly wrestling match.

Victory! He finally surrendered! Great job, Callie!

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