Sunday, 21 June 2015

Yay! Summer's here! Fun in the sun at Bark Park.

Wow...what long ears you have!

Jackson's the first and only Bedlington I've met. 

Jackson recently got a rescue bro who doesn't know he only
has 3 legs so he runs like the wind.

Wanna play? Mum says I have to socialize a bit before I can have
the b-a-l-l. Like I don't know what b-a-l-l is!

How about you? Wanna hang out?
Size doesn't matter here!

Cool bandit dude!

Stick close to Nina. She always has yum yums!

Ok....that's about as tall as I can stand. Can I please, please
have a treat now?

Just hanging....

Teagan's as sweet as she looks!
Gotta rinse the icky dirt off the ball!

Coming through!

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