Sunday, 19 October 2014

This was a fun weekend! I went to a Howloween Party and to Mac Beach!

Howloween at Bark Park yesterday.
Spooky cake for our humans.
Kenji & me working hard for our treats! This pic
 was taken by Erika, who has a nice big camera.
All those treats make us thirsty!

He got tired of socializing.

Politely waiting for treats.

Jilly & Sophie as pretty as ever.

Just taking a break.

Kenji doing what he does best...the Bum Bum!
And me doing what I do ball!
Marcy was so nice to play with me. I like her!

Nina keeping an eye on things.

Good witch Judy was one of the party organizers. 
Suspender Jeff was the other organizer.

Nina...aka Treat Lady

That is one big lap dog!!

He has some of the yummiest treats! Yep, that's me up front
patiently waiting for my turn.

Cutting the spooky cake.

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