Sunday, 1 June 2014

OMG! I'm finally getting some new pix posted. Lotsa catching up to do!

Steveston Walkabout:

Hi Grandma! Purple flowers just for you. =)
Too warm to do anything but lay around.

Taking another break.

My Favourite Hangout:

Hanging out at Mac Beach yesterday. Come on! Let's go to the water!

Chilling after some serious swimming.

Loads of fun playing with my friend, Kelly. I haven't seen
her for a long time.


Didja find anything good?
Look what I found! Yay!

More Fun At Mac Beach:

Me & my new friends having a good romp.

Daisy is a fellow ball addict.

Just hanging with us.

Oh come on....share that ball!
Follow me!

Come on! You can do it.

Let's go!

Think I lost him.
Time to cool off.

I'm pooped!

Playing Good Samaritan:

Chiro was found wandering around the neighbourhood with
no collar or tags & we didn't know his name at the time. We
hung out with him in my friend Kenji's backyard for a while. 
RAPS picked him up later.
I got it, I got it!

Got it!

Caught another one!

Still having fun being a Good Samaritan! Chiro just did
his own thing walking the perimeter of the yard.

Making like a Pointer.

Met A New "Friend" in Steveston:

He's the strong silent type.

And he has treats!


I like my new friend!

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