Sunday, 3 November 2013

Howlloweeny Stuff!

Trying on some getups at the store. I'm not
much for housekeeping so I'm glad we
didn't get this one.

Never fear! Superdawg's here! I'll eat those giant spiders!
Batgrrrl's cool too! Woof!
Aw gee, Mum! We were doing so well with the
superhero costumes!
Eerie green eyes go well with
my Abooha dress.

Cool eh!

Cute biker gals!

Kenji & I crashed a training class. We'll do anything
for treats. Kenji did his cool "legs" trick. =)
Found these creatures lurking
in Steveston Village.

Yikes! He's a big one! Grrr! Woof!
Gotta stay away from duct tape!
Look what happened to her!

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