Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hiking on Dog Mountain Trail

We had perfect weather for a hike so we headed out to Dog
Mountain Trail on Mt. Seymour. Just waiting in the parking
lot for the humans to get ready. Note my still clean feet.

Pic speaks for itself. Woof!

Taking a break on the way up. There sure were a lot of
tree roots & muck. So much for clean feet!

This shallow little lake is about halfway up the 3 km trek.

We made it to the summit!

It's nice up here!

I want that bug!

Proof that Mum did the hike too.

You mean we have to go back down!? That's another 3 km!

Critter..? Mushroom...? I didn't get to investigate, but
the humans said it's a 'shroom. Grrr....woof anyway!

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